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Who Help Support The NJTMA

A key mission of the NJTMA is to offer discounts and special offers to its members. Towards that end we have begun collaborating with vetted vendors and suppliers who are willing to partner with the Association to offer products and services at members-only pricing. 

We plan on continuously adding new products and services as they become available, and will be promoting individual companies and what they have to offer on a regular basis.

If you are a member we hope you'll take advantage of these offers to help your business. 

If you are a business who would like to be featured on this website and have your company, product and service promoted to our members, please follow the link for more information on how to participate.

NJTMA sponsorship and supporter program.
Blaser Swisslube


WHO:  Blaser Swisslube Inc.

WHAT:  1) Complimentary fill up of our Liquid Tool metalworking coolant on any newly installed CNC machine after free on-site evaluation of your specific needs.

2) 20% discount on Neat Oil. 

3)  Full suite of customizable services. 


WHEN: By appointment.

COST:   Complimentary / 20% off.

MORE INFORMATION: See PDF's below for additional details.

DIRECT CONTACT:  Shawn Yost  845-294-3200

Blaser Swisslube
Blaser Swisslube Special offers to the NJTMA
Blaser Swisslube
Cimquest Mastercam
NJTMA sponsorship and supporter program.


Cimquest MasterCam Mill Essentials Class scheduled through NJTMA.

WHO:  Cimquest Manufacturing Solutions.

WHAT:  Mastercam Mill Essentials Course. Comprehensive, hands-on, 4-day course covering advanced design & programming of CNC machining techniques.

WHEN: December 18-21.

COST:   $990.00 including course workbook. NJTMA members only. 


QUESTIONS:  732-455-1600


Cimquest MasterCam Mill Essentials Class scheduled through NJTMA.
Federated Insurance
NJTMA sponsorship and supporter program.


WHO:  Federated Insurance.  

WHAT:  Complimentary Business Valuation Review.

            Complimentary Succession Planning Review.

            Other insurance services.

WHEN: By appointment.

COST:   Evaluation services no charge. Other services as negotiated or quoted.  



NJTMA Federated Insurance sposnorships business succession planning services offered at a discount to NJTMA members.
NJTMA Federated Insurance sponsorship, business valuation services offered at a discount to NJTMA members.
NJTMA sponsorship and supporter program.


WHO:  Combined Veterans Club, Fort Dix, NJ, (an IRS 501(c)(3) org.)

WHAT:  Annual golf outing to help fund and support:

- The New Jersey Mission of Honor, insuring proper burial for the cremains of veterans.

- New Jersey Stand Down For Homeless Veterans.

- Outreach and support for retired soldiers and veterans.

- Assistance in the conduct of the annual Retiree Appreciation Day.

WHEN: Friday, May 10, 2024

WHERE: Fountain Green Golf Course, Fort Dix, NJ.

COST:   10% off ticket prices (pricing to be announced).


DIRECT CONTACT:  Ron Ginnetti  215-579-1216

matches1 (2) (1).jpg


WHO:  Craftsman Marketing Group, LLC

WHAT:  Website design & development for small-to-medium sized businesses.


WHERE: Websites across multiple industries throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico.

COST:   Free SEO and email set-up for NJTMA members.


DIRECT CONTACT: / 973-650-2278

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