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Manufacturing Member

Businesses that operate manufacturing machinery may join NJTMA as Manufacturing members. Typically, these are tooling and contract manufacturing companies that create the parts and equipment for industry. Manufacturing Members enjoy discounts on programs and events.

Examples are companies that drill, stamp, turn, hone, mold, fabricate, grind, or finish tooled parts. Manufacturing membership fee is $225 per year.

Professional Member

Businesses that supply materials to, or offer equipment, accessories, or support services to manufacturing members may join NJTMA as Professional members. Professional Members enjoy discounts on programs and events.
Trade examples include companies that sell machines, equipment, tools, supplies, and transportation. Also, companies that provide financial, insurance, HR, safety, training, legal, and similar services to the trades. Professional membership fee is $400 per year.

Educational Member

NJTMA recognizes that educational institutions offering STEM, vocational, technical and related training are crucial to the vitality of manufacturing. Educational Members enjoy discounts on programs and events. Public, private, community, and four-year colleges, vocational and technical schools, and secondary school leaders involved in manufacturing-related education are welcome to become Educational members. Educational membership is free, and must be renewed annually.

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