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The U.S. Navy Is Dropping Anchor In NJ For A Free Dinner & Presentation.

You're welcome aboard for a free dinner

co-sponsored by the NJTMA and the NJSBDC, and presented by TMG, Inc., the U.S. Navy's designated facilitator of the Navy's Talent Pipeline Program.

This program is funded by the Navy and is free to any NJ-based manufacturer who currently does or is capable of doing business with the Navy or the DoD in general.

In addition it is an excellent way for anyone who is facing staffing challenges to learn how the Navy has developed a successful talent pipeline program that is now up and running in Pennsylvania, New York, New England and Southern California.

The dinner and presentation is free to anyone who would like to attend and learn more about the NJTMA and the details of the staffing program.

Actual enrollment and participation in The Navy Talent Pipeline Program is free of charge to qualified NJ-based manufacturers who are doing business with or capable of doing business with the U.S. Navy or the DoD in general.

Learn more and register:

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