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NJ Manufacturing - Past, Present & Future & The Importance Of Education, Training & Apprenticeships.

NJTMA's own Treasurer and Past President Colonel Anthony La Mastra (U.S. Army, retired), and Joe Pranzatelli, of the NJCCC, one of the association's valued partners, recently spoke with RVN Television's Barry Lefkowitz on his show "New Perspectives".

The host and his guests covered some of the history and development of manufacturing in New Jersey as well as the role the NJTMA, especially in conjunction with the New Jersey Community College Consortium's apprenticeship program, plays in supporting education and training focused on the state's manufacturing sector.

Hiring, training and retaining talented employees in a tight job market is an ever-growing challenge for NJ manufacturers, especially as manufacturing processes become more complicated and are

integrated with computers and now with AI. A core part of NJTMA's mission is to promote and support workforce development of all kinds to ensure New Jersey manufacturers have an adequate talent pool from which to staff their companies. The NJTMA has developed or partnered with others to support and offer education, apprenticeship, scholarship and veteran training programs.

Learn more about each or become an NJTMA member and help support a healthy, growing manufacturing base in the Garden State.

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