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Network with your peers. Discover business opportunities. Learn about hiring practices. Two important February events to attend.

The core mission of the NJTMA is to provide opportunities to meet and connect with one another's peers, learn about relevant business topics and have real opportunities to help grow your business.

Mark your calendar for two important events scheduled for the month of February:

U.S. Navy Talent Pipeline Program.

Plan on attending this FREE dinner and presentation sponsored by the NJTMA in conjunction with NJSBDC and TMG, Inc. Important for anyone wanting to A) learn more about what the Navy has developed to address the employee talent and acquisition challenges facing ALL manufacturers in today's employment environment, B) participate in the program and C) do business with the Navy or the DoD in general. Open to NJTMA members and non-members.

NAWCAD Lakehurst Small Business Roundtable.

Learn about the opportunities open for small to medium-sized NJ-based manufacturers interested in developing business with NAWCAD (Naval Air Warfare Command Aircraft Division). This all-day event held at Brookdale Community College will explore how to participate in the thousands of contracts worth hundreds of millions awarded to small businesses in the last several years.

NJTMA is committed to creating and sustaining a healthy manufacturing base in New Jersey.

Get involved.

Become a member.

Join the NJTMA.

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