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There is one topic we've heard repeatedly from everyone involved with the NJTMA: how difficult it is to find, train and hold onto good employees. It is Problem Number One amongst NJ Manufacturing companies.

Let's not waste time discussing why the problem exists. Instead NJTMA wants to introduce you to an innovative, win-win solution developed by the NJ Community College Consortium.

Both of the programs being offered are an excellent way to help attract new employees or upskill and invest in the qualified employees you already have. The employee gets college credits and U.S. Labor Certifications, you get to build a stronger relationship with a key employee who now has real-world, hands-on, on-the-job knowledge.

In addition, the NJ Community College Consortium will PAY YOU $4,000.00 when the employee graduates. The courses are online and are completed at the student's own pace, so it costs you nothing in terms of money or the worker's time.

Please read about the details on our new "Apprenticeship" page: Apprenticeships |

There is a lot of information there, including the contact information for Joe Pranzatelli, M.A.

Project Manager, Workforce Solutions and Research, our contact for this program. Please feel free to reach out to Joe directly for additional information and to get involved.

In addition, Joe is also going to be one of our guest speakers for our first NJTMA event for 2023 on March 30th.

For background information about the NJ Community College Consortium and NJ Community Colleges:

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